Yuanshidong Cave

the full view of Yuanshidong Cave

   Guanyindong is the other name of Yuanshidong Cave. It is a Miao Nationality town, lying on the way to Wenshan, and is 39 kilometers from Mengzi. The name of the cave came from a legend that a couple of lovers were in danger in the cave and at the peak time, a lion appeared and saved them. Chen yuying, the governor of Yunnan and Guizhou in Qing dynasty once said the cave was the “first cave of south Yunnan”, not for its scenery exceeded the Swallow Cave and Alu Cave, but that its building and religious status.

Baiyu Storied Building

   Yuanshidong Cave was built in the early years of the emperor Qianlong, Qing dynasty. From the lowest to the highest of the architecture, Buddha, god, fairy, people, hero, ancestor etc. approached to one hundred statuaries of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism were enshrined separately in dozens of its palaces, houses, halls, temples, cabinets of different size, so it’s convenient for people to worshipand the convenient of worship to different God is the preponderance for the Cave.